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Defensive Driver Training Discount

By March 25, 2021No Comments

For many motorists, their last driving class was back when they first got their license, and that was many years ago. The fact is, no matter how skilled or experienced you think you are behind the wheel, a refresher course is always helpful.  Laws change, vehicle technology change and we change.

Once we reach 55 years old, we are eligible to take the Defensive Driver Training that can save us up to 10 percent on auto insurance.

This training is offered for a small fee in classroom, through a live virtual classroom or a self-paced online course. A Minnesota Highway Safety and Research Center certified instructor will update you on defensive driving tips, changes in laws, vehicle technology and traffic safety. Completion of an eight-hour course qualifies you for the discount. To maintain the discount, you must complete a four-hour refresher every three years.

To learn more, visit or or you can check with your local Community Education to see if they are offering any classes in your town. You will want to make sure that you take the 8 hour class if you haven’t taken it previously.

If you do take the training, you will want to supply us a copy of your certificate.  We will forward it to your carrier and keep a copy in your records.  You can drop it off during business hours, fax it to us at (763) 316-6656, text it to us at (763) 703-7461 or email it to