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By September 30, 2019No Comments

After the thunderstorms rolled through last night, you find that your garage door is no longer functioning this morning. Now what?

Lightning strikes can cause damage to many items in a house. The most susceptible items are GFI outlets, any electronic machines ( TV, computers, audio equipment, etc.), dimmers, switches and elements of an electric appliances, and yes, your garage door openers.

  • Using an inexpensive outlet checker, check all outlets for malfunctions such as open grounds, neutrals, etc. Open the circuit breaker box and do a visual check for any signs of arcing or burned wires.
  • Unplug any device plugged into a receptacle and inspect the metal plug prongs for any signs of burns. If you find dark pits or any melted metal, the plug and outlet should be replaced.
  • Test landlines telephones and cables to make sure they still work.


If you are not comfortable doing these inspections yourself, ask your electrician to do a quick check. This should take less than an hour to complete and give you peace of mind.

If you have any questions about coverage, please call us.  We are here to help you!