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Tips for Driving Safe When Winter Hits

By December 23, 2020No Comments
If you start to slide, look where you want to go while you steer


  • Your instinct likely tells you to just to grab your steering wheel, slam on the brakes, and stare straight ahead. In actuality, you want to look where you want to go and steer where you want to go.


When to steer and when to brake

  • According to AAA, at speeds above 25 miles per hour steering to avoid a collision (if it’s safe to do so) is actually preferred to slamming on the brakes.  Breaking when roads are slick can cause you to lose control.


Use “Hand to hand” steering

  • This method of steering, in which your hands never leave the wheel, you “thread” the wheel between each hand. This is safer than “hand over hand” steering, in which your arm crosses your body as you reach to turn the wheel. If someone was to hit your vehicle and the airbags go off, you risk fracturing your wrists or your hands hitting your face.