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Captive agent help


Having a local insurance agent that your clients can trust is the one of the most important things in selecting a great agency. Along with that comes policies, rates, and claims customer service. So what happens if you aren’t able to service all of your clients needs due to product limitation? This is where we can help.

One of primary goals at Baker Insurance Brokers is to not only serve our clients with superior customer service, but to also help captive insurance agents like yourself give an option to help retain clients that you otherwise might lose due to a limit on higher risk policies.

You would be able to maintain household policies while letting us take care of the policies you aren’t able to service.

This allows your customer to show you really can provide them with several options.

We understand your first priority is helping your clients, let us help you make sure you are providing them with a “one stop shop��� caring mentally and help you when you need us.