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Cyber Liability Insurance.



Does your business keep sensitive information about your clients like, address, dates of birth, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, health data, financial data. Credit card numbers or checking account numbers? If so, you have a legal obligation to protect that data. If that data does get compromised, you have a legal obligation to disclose the breach to those harmed. Your standard general liability insurance does not cover losses or claims from Data Breach, Cyber Extortion, lost or stolen laptops, spyware virus etc. If you have a breach the law requires you to notify every individual that potentially could be effected by the breach, pay for one year of credit monitoring for each individual, you will need to hire a digital forensics detective among other costs. A typical breach will costs a business between $115-$180 per individual harmed. Cyber Liability insurance will cover these costs! Call us today to find out more!